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A Season of Giving Thanks

In this season of giving thanks, I have to start with the thankfulness I experience every Sunday. Every Sunday I’m incredibly aware of the enormous amount of work that people put into the 10:30am worship service.

  • The bulletin is crafted by the Communications Director in consultation with the Pastor and the Music Director, printed on a copier maintained by the Church Administrator, delivered by the Ushers, and recycled by the Custodians.

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First Church New Year’s Retreat

First Church families, singles, and couples are invited to join us on December 30, 2017 –January 1, 2018, for two nights of relaxation and fellowship at beautiful Camp Indianola.

Highlights include: beach walks, bonfires, great food and conversation, puzzles, and plenty of games. Read More

Traditional Spiral Service

What better way to begin Advent than by centering yourself with First Church’s traditional spiral service? The service will be held on Sunday, December 3, at 6:30PM in the First Church Fellowship Hall. All ages can appreciate this moving start to the season with meditative music, a labyrinth, and candles. Advent has begun.

Choir Christmas Cantata

Last year our Sanctuary Choir, plus members of Kirkland Choral Society and Philharmonia  Northwest Orchestra, presented Cantata 1 from J.S. Bach’s beloved Christmas Oratorio. This year those same groups will reunite to present Cantatas 2 & 3. The six cantatas that make up the Christmas Oratorio were intended by Bach to be performed on different Sundays during the season of Christmas in his home church in Leipzig, Germany in 1734.