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First Church Open Choir Month

August is Open Choir Month for First Church! If you’ve been interested in joining the choir or would just like to sing for a Sunday or two, this is the perfect opportunity.

Email Elisabeth to get on the email list to receive a copy of the music ahead of time, or just show up in the sanctuary at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning to join our warmup and music read-through. We look forward to having you join us!

August Sermon Series

Have you heard of Fake News? On Sunday, August 6, 2017, Pastor Jeremy will begin a new sermon series called “Credible Sources” that helps us deal with fake news and what we hold to be authoritative these days.  

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Mission Team Fundraising Dinner

On Saturday, September 9, our Mission Team will be holding a special Celebration Dinner, this event will feature foods similar to what the team ate in Guatemala. There will also be a presentation by team members about the work they did, the experiences they had, and what they learned from the people they met in El Quiché, Guatemala. The presentation will include both photos and personal testimony. The Mission Team envisions this being a time to come together and learn more about the work of Project Salud y Paz, the work of members of our congregation while they were in Guatemala, the benefits and purpose of international mission, as well as to be in community together. In addition, there will be time to and ask questions on a more individual level during the meal.

Tickets to the dinner are available for a suggested donation of $25 adult/$15 youth, and can be reserved by emailing the Mission Team at: Missions@firstchurchseattle.org

The funds raised from this event will support the remaining costs for the team’s trip to Guatemala. Any additional funds that are raised will be donated directly to Project Salud y Paz to support their mission and to continue the long-term giving relationship that First Church has with this organization.

Our Mission Team is in Guatemala with Project Salud y Paz

What is Project Salud y Paz?

“Salud y Paz” translates as “Health and Peace.” Project Salud y Paz partners with congregations in the U.S. and also with the indigenous Methodist church of Guatemala. Through the project volunteers provide medical and dental services to impoverished people in Guatemala, as well as preschool and feeding programs for families in need. As a part of the UMC, the project is a designated Advance Special of the General Board of Global Ministries.

What will the Team from First Church be doing while they are there?

The team will work on renovation and improvement of a primary school in Xepocol, El Quiché, Guatemala. Besides doing construction labor under the supervision of a Guatemalan foreman, they will also have the chance to plan and facilitate games and activities for the students on a daily basis.

How will the supplies that First Church members donated be used?

The school supplies donated will go to the preschool and kindergarten students at Susanna Wesley School on the grounds of the main Salud y Paz clinic in Camanchaj, Guatemala. At the school, students who arrive speaking only Quiché Maya learn Spanish to prepare to enter primary school, and also practice healthy skills like hand-washing and tooth brushing.

How can we be praying for the team while they are in Guatemala?

The team requests your prayers that their interactions with individuals from the local community would be rich and meaningful, and for the strength and persistence to complete their work.