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Donate Socks for Shared Breakfast

socks_small Donate Socks for Shared Breakfast!

Have you ever had to walk around with wet feet? You can probably imagine how difficult it is to live on the streets of Seattle without sturdy socks to keep your feet dry. 

We are gathering socks for our 5th annual Shared Breakfast sock giveaway.

On Sunday, December 25 we will give a pair of socks to every guest who comes to breakfast. You can drop NEW pairs of socks off at the church office during office hours – M-Th, 9am-5pm or using the designated bins in the church lobby on Sundays. Wool or cotton socks are best. (Please no dress socks.)

“What’s next?” from Rev. Moe

MOE-SHARON-104Dear Friends,

Today I drove to the Conference Board of Congregational Development meeting in Des Moines. All around me as I drove the bright colors of trees and foliage sang out to me the message of the seasons–the endings and beginnings that give our lives in the PNW meaning and opportunities for renewal and new life. The Conference Board of Congregational Development is an essential component of the development of new ministry in the Conference and the redevelopment of existing ministries. For instance, this is the board that is responsible for the development of the new faith community in the Columbia City area of Seattle, Valley and Mountain UMC. It is, by the same token, the board that is responsible for the development of The Well at Queen Anne UMC.

Rev. Bill Gibson, the PNW Conference Director of Faith Community Development, has meet with First Church staff and members a few times recently to be in conversation with us about the ways in which we can reach out into our community and make relations with the folks who live in the Belltown and Lower Queen Anne areas. Those conversations have become increasingly energized and in alignment with our newly developed Mission Statement: First United Methodist Church of Seattle is a progressive, spiritual community advocating for the homeless and hungry and creating a refuge of inclusive Christianity. They are increasingly happening in various committee, charge conference and community-building settings. We are all asking the question, “What’s next?” What’s next for our ministry in the community? What’s next for the spiritual and missional development of the congregation? What’s next for the development of a system of preparing and growing disciples?

“I see a new and exciting season emerging in the life of First Church.” -Rev. Moe

I see a new and exciting season emerging in the life of First Church. The question for us to begin asking ourselves and each other is how do we live into God’s call to transform ourselves and society, to be about building the Kingdom of God for this time and this place? It’s really the question that needs to be asked in every generation, and not from the perspective of “what we prefer,” but from the perspective of “what purpose God is calling us to.” As our District Superintendent, Rev. Rich Lang, said to us several times at last week’s Charge Conference, “First Church Seattle is a key congregation in the Seattle District, and a key spiritual, religious, and justice voice to the people of the Seattle area.”

Your leadership, your participation, and your voices are crucial to the conversation of “what’s next?” Your prayers are essential to this work.

“First Church Seattle is a key congregation in the Seattle District, and a key spiritual, religious, and justice voice to the people of the Seattle area.” -Rev. Rich Lang

We are now in the season of Stewardship, a time that asks you to consider your role in supporting the ministry and life of the church in many different ways, including financially. The Sundays of October will highlight the importance of all the different ways you support the ministry here. The baptismal vows we take at our baptism are that we will support the United Methodist Church by our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service and our witness. I encourage you and your family to talk about those vows and consider how you are living into them at this point in your lives.

As the fall makes way for winter, and the bright and beautiful leaves deepen in color and then fall to the ground, let’s turn to one another and life in community for warmth and comfort against the cold of life and the darkness of the days. And let’s commit ourselves to being community for the people of Seattle who have too little in the way of warmth and comfort.



Tax Facts

Thank you for your support of First Church and its ministries. As year-end and tax time approaches, here is some information that may be helpful to you when you are finalizing your year-end giving:

Year-End Contributions

To claim a charitable contribution for 2016 tax filing, checks and cash need to be delivered to the church office or postmarked no later than December 31. Checks placed in the offering plate January 1, 2017 will not qualify as a 2016 gift regardless of the check date.

To ensure the deduct-ability of your church donations, please do not file your 2016 income tax return until you have received your year-end statement of giving. If you have questions, please contact Eric Liljegren, our church Business Administrator, at 206-622-7278 ext. 102 or by email, eric@firstchurchseattle.org.


If you are planning on making a gift of Securities please do so before November 15 or earlier. We recommend you initiate a Security transfer prior to November 11th.

Please coordinate your donation with the church bookkeeper, Dan Rounds, well before you want to transfer your donation. Dan may be reached at 206-622-7278 ext. 101, or by email, dan@firstchurchseattle.org.

Thank you for your cooperation during this very busy season.

Donate Baked Goods to Support Shared Breakfast

MP910218877A bake sale to support Shared Breakfast will be held on the Microsoft campus as part of the annual Give program.

Drop off your items in the narthex (lobby) at First Church on Sunday, October 16 or Tuesday, October 18 from 6-7 p.m. or bring them by the church office on Tuesday, October 18 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Suggested items include: cookies, candy, muffins, etc. that are not fragile. Items will be repackaged into bags to sell. Gluten free treats are welcome.