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Congratulations First Inspirations Choir Graduates!

FIOlderKids3The First Inspirations Children’s Choir began five years ago with a small core group of dedicated singers – several of whom will be graduating out of the program this month.  Over these years, Caroline and Jefferson Ashby, Sarah Gail, Aaliyah Soukup-Stone and Jacob Sullenszino have grown tremendously – not only as singers, but also more importantly in their faith, and as ambassadors for this church. Each has brought something different to the experience, building upon what has become our own First Church Community Group, and I could not be more proud of them collectively and individually.

In addition, my partner from the group’s inception, Julie Sullenszino, will no longer be a Co-Director with the choir next season.  Julie’s professional skills as a child psychologist and social worker made working with her an extraordinary experience.  Her insights are amazing, as her ability to communicate with the kids is brilliant, and her musical energy and talents have made for a great pairing. Seeing her in action with the children is simply awe-inspiring.  On a more personal note, she’s become one of my dearest friends through this ministry and I’m ever grateful for the gifts she has given to the program and to me. What a blessing she is to the program, our church and to me.

All these individuals have inspired a vital ministry program for our congregation.  Collectively and individually they leave unique gifts that shaped (and will continue to embody) the makeup of the choir for years to come.  I’m so grateful for their contributions!

Next season, starting in September, the First Inspirations will consist of the WONDERFUL remaining pre-K through grade five singers (newbies are always welcome to join us).  We will continue to provide a positive learning environment where growth in love, self-esteem, responsibility, and commitment are enhanced through music.  We look forward to singing for you next season.

Patrick Ferguson
First Inspirations Children’s Choir

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