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Fruit Basket Turnover

Kicking off his “Protest and Principles” series, Pastor Jeremy reflects on whether Christians should withdraw from these political times or re-engage in ways the benefit the marginalized.

Pulling Back The Curtain

Pastor Jeremy reflects on the call to be Saints instead of Heroes and who to look towards in a culture where heroes are broken and the famous are fallen.

Our Cup Runneth Over

Pastor Jeremy completes the sermon series “Going All In,” reflecting on abundance and generosity as a way through all that is before us.

Yes, maybe, possibly, If nothing else, and we’ll see

Pastor Jeremy continues the series “Going All In” asking what commitments looks like in a culture of “Maybe’s” and how Scripture informs our perspective on commitment today.

Full Ink or Temporary Tattoo?

What causes us to commit to something? And when we do, is it more like a temporary tattoo or a full ink tattoo? Pastor Jeremy reflects on commitment and how we can go “all in” for support of movements and issues we care about.

Charity Begins At Home?

Many of us have heard the phrase “Charity Begins at Home,” used as a rationale for not reaching out to help those outside of our immediate families or communities. Pastor Jeremy explores this assumption and challenges us to recognize that seeing and responding to injustice in other communities often gives us new eyes to see injustice at home.

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves?

Jeremy explores the origin of the phrase “God helps those who help themselves” and asks why we think it belongs in the Bible, offering up the Bible’s vision that God wants us to help others.

Love For The Common Good

Rev. Shalom Agtarap asks us to consider how, in the midst of a hurting world, we can “design a [church community] were trust and relationship can be built.”

Such a Time as This?

Pastor Jeremy reflects on our culture of immediacy and asks “What are we called to do for such a time as this?”

What Do We Labor For?

Pastor Jeremy reflects on the broken promises of labor today and how Christians can make sense of our daily lives.