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Love For The Common Good

Rev. Shalom Agtarap asks us to consider how, in the midst of a hurting world, we can “design a [church community] were trust and relationship can be built.”

Such a Time as This?

Pastor Jeremy reflects on our culture of immediacy and asks “What are we called to do for such a time as this?”

What Do We Labor For?

Pastor Jeremy reflects on the broken promises of labor today and how Christians can make sense of our daily lives.

No More Holy Solitaries

In the last of our series on “Credible Sources,” Pastor Jeremy lifts up how our experiences shape who we are and what we believe about God–and why that matters in a world that forces us into cookie-cutter shapes.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

In our third week on “Credible Sources,” Pastor Jeremy evaluates how we use reason to deepen our faith not detract from it, pointing to the solar eclipse as an example of how to explain events in Scripture and our contemporary world alike.

Scripture & Stained Glass

In the second part of the series “Credible Sources,” Pastor Jeremy shares how the Church is charged to use the Bible in order to better society, not to use it in ways that harm, isolate, or alienate.

Tradition: Who Can We Trust . . . Now?

Pastor Jeremy asks what happened to the “go to” sources of authority for news and reflections, and shares why United Methodists are uniquely suited to handle a world with Fake News on every corner.

Strong Roots, Powerful Wings

“As a Christian, my root must be the unique relationship between God and me. It is an intimate connection to the holy within me and around me, leading to a vital spiritual life that must be intentionally nurtured and developed.”

Roots & Wings: The Taste of the Place

In the last sermon of the series on “Roots and Wings”, Pastor Jeremy reflects on what it means to be uniquely rooted to a place, and how we can respond in gratitude to those who have grounded us.

Roots & Wings: Taking Flight

What does it look like to pursue our calling while also remaining rooted in our faith?