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A Season of Giving Thanks

In this season of giving thanks, I have to start with the thankfulness I experience every Sunday. Every Sunday I’m incredibly aware of the enormous amount of work that people put into the 10:30am worship service.

  • The bulletin is crafted by the Communications Director in consultation with the Pastor and the Music Director, printed on a copier maintained by the Church Administrator, delivered by the Ushers, and recycled by the Custodians.

  • The worship space is maintained by the volunteer worship team, clean surfaces by Gordon Gump and the Custodians, choir space and musical equipment painstakingly maintained by the volunteer choir and the Director of Music, Eucharist provided by volunteers, and sound/video ran by volunteer AV team.
  • The prayers of the people are written by volunteer Worship Leader who takes a ton of prayer requests and current events and boils them down as neatly as possible into inspirational words.
  • The Prelude, Choral Introit, Anthems, Offertory Music, and Postlude are chosen by the Music Director and performed by the Choir or individual musicians or handbells. The hymns are chosen by the Pastor in consultation with the Director of Music.
  • The sermons, order of worship, call to worship, and communion liturgies are done by the Clergy. The Scripture is proclaimed by two readers who also serve communion.
  • Before worship, an Education Hour for children, youth, and adults is offered every Sunday by 7 volunteer Teachers and 2 Nursery Workers, plus our Director of Young People’s Ministries running free safety. And coffee captains and treat providers supplement Duuna’s spreads for pre-worship sugar rushes.
  • The Greeters work the doors. And in addition to bulletin handouts, the Ushers assist with Communion, collect Communication Cards, collect the offering, present it during the Offertory Prayer, and ensure the offering makes its way to a secure place after worship.
  • Last but absolutely not least are the Security Shepherds–a small group of insightful and careful stewards of our communal space who help upstairs congregants have pleasant interactions with downstairs guests at Shared Breakfast or passersby.

And many more people that I’ve somehow forgotten!

The vast majority of the above people are volunteers and give their time to the glory of God. And while they do not ask for recognition, I find myself silently
appreciating them at every turn of the worship service.





Rev. Jeremy Smithi